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Supermarket Pet Aisle Makeover

Up to 60 new and exclusive pet food products, and perhaps most exciting, a pick-and-mix style dog treats bar – are coming to Coles stores around Australia.

According to a recent media release from the Australian supermarket chain Coles, 80% of people buy their pet food at the supermarket. If you’re one of this 80 %, this is going to be welcome news for you and your pup. Early versions of this idea have tested well with positive feedback and had been popular with customers.

Piloted initially in a concept store in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Coles has announced they intend for a national rollout in the coming weeks. Likely there will be some variability at a store level for layout and product options. Still, ultimately this should expand the range in stores considerably.

Lisa Ronson, Chief Marketing Officer at Coles, says, “We want to help Australians lead healthier and happier lives, and the same goes for their fur babies who are a huge part of the family and have never been more important in keeping us company and enriching our lives than they are right now…”.

Pet Industry Association of Australia research shows that over 62% of Australian households own a pet, and 38% of that group state they own a dog. From their survey, 59% of people who don’t currently have a pet say they would like to in the future. (We think that sounds about 100% correct – pets are fantastic.)

Coles also confirmed that these features extend to cat food and treats as well, but, as we’re a dog focussed site – that’s why the obsession in that area.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

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