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A stressed economy and its effect on dogs

It’s too early to tell the full long term impacts from the continuing situation with Covid-19 on our pet dogs. In an economy and society where there’s increased financial pressure on dog owners, we must observe for possible areas of concern.

Some possible outcomes of the current Covid-19 crisis on dogs:

  • Negative economic impacts can increase the number of pets relinquished.
  • Owners relocating homes to reduce living expenses, or to find new work, can lead to dogs no longer able to stay with a family.
  • Where a dog owner hasn’t been able to relinquish their dog appropriately, sadly, rates of abandonment can increase.
  • In many cases, senior dogs can be most impacted, most likely due to increased costs associated with caring for them and the extra complexities related to their care.

Gratefully, one of the positive impacts to have occurred for people working from home during the current Covid-19 crisis is the increase in the time we can spend with our dogs.

Where people have more time due to reduced work commitments, there may be an opportunity to help in animal shelters or with fostering of abandoned dogs.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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