Principles - Hound Lane

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This will be an evolving page where we will capture the principles that guide us here at Hound Lane, and how we protect and nurture the lives of dog

Rarely are there absolutes with choices in life. These are the areas we like to think about:

Hound Lane is More about

Respecting nature and evolution.

Using science, research & technology responsibly.

Dogs being part of the family, yet, retaining their doggy sense of self.

Modern sophisticated dog culture and living.

Health living for dogs should be easy and demystified. Information is power.

Hound Lane is Less about

Trying to fight nature with harsh modern chemicals and medicines at all costs.

Modern gimmicks and marketing hype that has little basis of evidence.

Dogs as play things and puppets for our amusement.

Baby talk and “furbaby” conversations.

Good health shouldn’t just be available to a select few or the wealthy.

Dogs are at their best when:

  • They follow a biologically appropriate diet
  • They are treated as lifelong companions and deeply connected to our lives
  • We also respect the need for dog to dog socialisation
  • Stimulating and nurturing the mental wellbeing of dogs in our care
  • Aspiring to freedom from pain, disease and poor health

How we work at Hound Lane

  • Leading with creativity and invention
  • Bouncing back from our false starts
  • Knowing when to break the rules
  • Empathising with our customers
  • Working fast without sacrificing service
  • Being flexible about what success looks like
  • Putting honesty and transparency first
  • Maintaining individual perspective within a team
  • Innovating rapidly and executing brilliantly
  • Being forever curious