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About Hound Lane

Like others before me, my dog, and our story together is also my inspiration for working on this passion project about dogs.

That’s right, I’m a dog nut on the Internet. I spend my time reading about dogs, researching new nutrition findings, experimenting with new products, and generally obsessing about ways to provide the best care for our dogs.

Learning about dogs and myself

Through my passion (and let’s face it, obsession!) I will share my experiences with caring for dogs. When it comes to dogs, I read, I ask questions, I curate information from different sources. I try things, monitor the outcomes, and then adjust. I may not have any answers for you or your dog – this is just what I’ve tried and my personal thoughts and experiences. I’m not medically or professionally trained – so, question everything I say (nicely, please). I will share what I learned along the way providing for my dog’s health, vitality and quality of life.

Hound Lane is, in part, also inspired by my own life’s journey. I’m trying to correct the health mistakes of my past. I’m also getting older (in my 40’s) and feeling the call to take better care of myself and improve my life.

Written for me, but, I stand for our dog community

I started Hound Lane for my own growth, research and interest to help my dog’s continued well being, health and quality of life. The things I’ve found along the way, I will share through Hound Lane – this is my contribution back to the dog community of today, and future dog owners who will have questions just like you and I do.

Hound Lane is a curated and premium collection of the best pet dog products, services and information from around the world – tailored to the unique needs of Australians.

Happy dog days,

Bradley Taylor
Founder, Hound Lane